The Effects Of Emotions And Beliefs

Beneath every behaviour that we have there's a feeling, and beneath every feeling there's a need.

When we understand and address what our needs are, rather than only focusing on the behaviour or the feeling, that is when we can heal, and that is how things can really change for us. 

If we really want to heal, and if we want things to get better and change in your world we need to stop chasing symptoms.  We need to stop looking at the behaviours of what's going on, and instead start focusing on the core issues. 

These healing modalities focus on changing the need, and what's going on at the core, because that's how we're actually going to have long term sustainably, and change the symptom. 

At the core we need to address beliefs like:

‘I feel unlovable’

‘I don't feel good enough’

‘I want to connect, but I'm scared because I have trust issues’

 These are all core needs, and when we heal them, we heal the issue.  

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Healing The Trauma

For a time the healing may hurt worse than the trauma, and there is a reason for that.  

The reason is that when we are were going through the trauma we had no choice but to just move on, and do the best that we could to survive and work with what we had. After each traumatic incident we semi-processed it and just moved forward with our life.

On the healing journey, both our body and our brain do not know that.  So, it is releasing all the emotions combined from all the years of trauma all at one time, and we are having to process the emotions of multiple events over a short period of time, and it is hard to decipher how to feel, and how to process some of them because they're coming so fast. 

That is the healing journey, and that is why it's can be challenging, and my most people quit on themselves. Know though that the longer we stay in the healing process and the amount of time that we put into healing, it does pay off.

Energy Healing 

As we age, the energy pathways within our bodies begin to become blocked as a result of both physical and emotional traumas.

Our emotions, beliefs, thoughts and memories are all made up of energy. If these energy blockages are left unattended, they can begin to manifest as dis-ease within our physical and emotional realms.​​

As our bodies are made up entirely of pure energy – we use energy healing as the gentle art of clearing blocked energy pathways at a cellular or subconscious level. 

According to neuroscience, our minds are comprised of:
10% conscious activity 
90% subconscious activity 

This means a very significant amount of what’s happening with us is being run by the subconscious mind.

Most self-help and therapy programmes work on a conscious level for people.  Positive thinking, willpower and good intentions only seem to take us so far, as most of what is happening to us is trapped in our subconsous.

If the subconscious mind is not aligned with the conscious it may feel like we are constantly fighting a losing battle.  Our beliefs are formed in the subconscious and drive everything we do. For true, lasting change, we must work to adjust our thinking on a subconsous level. 

Energy healing is a safe and powerful non-invasive way to reprogramme the subconsous mind.  ​Once the energy pathways have been restored or changed it is possible to promote self-healing and an overall sense of balance, happiness and peace.


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