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Abundance Sessions

In the Abundance Sessions, I will conduct an in-depth analysis and identify any subconscious beliefs that may be obstructing abundance.  Using this comprehensive programme, we will work with focused intent to rectify and enhance issues uncovered during the evaluation process.

We will remove any blocks preventing you from achieving your desired goals and establish the appropriate energetic conditions to attract all forms of abundance into your life.

Many people possess energetic blocks when it comes to money.  Since birth, they have been conditioned by their parents or others to believe in scarcity and a lack mindset.  This mindset causes you to yearn, crave, and pursue wealth without ever feeling truly abundant.  One simple approach to shift your energy towards money is to work through your abundance blocks.

These sessions can help you realise the financial success and freedom you dream of, attain the success you desire, and ultimately become the best and happiest version of yourself.

Healing our money blocks and achieving abundance is something we owe ourselves.


The term "abundance" is derived from the Latin word "abundantia," which means "fullness."  It refers to having an ample amount of everything good in life, all the time. Essentially, it means having everything you need and desire. Regardless of whether it pertains to your career, well-being, relationships, or self-esteem, we all have a natural state of abundance.

However, deep-seated imbalances lurking in our subconscious can thwart our success and create internal conflict.  These roadblocks hinder us from reaching our full potential and achieving our aspirations, preventing us from moving up to the next level of our lives.

For many people, financial matters can trigger internal strife or resistance.  Just the mere mention of money can evoke old emotions or family wounds.  Our mindset about money is often influenced by how our families handled or thought about money.

We may also possess limiting beliefs about abundance that impede our progress.  Beliefs like "I will never have abundance" or "I will never have enough" create money blocks.  When we have these money blocks or abundance blocks, they deprive us of enjoying what we have and achieving what we want.

My role is to delve into the subconscious and identify your limiting beliefs around abundance and the reasons for creating them.  I will then work on eliminating those limiting beliefs and emotions and replacing them with positive beliefs.  By using the Body Code in conjunction with the Abundance Programme, we will address and release any imbalances that are creating limiting beliefs, preventing you from achieving financial success and freedom.

If you yearn for a life of abundance, you need to
take action and shift your energy to recognise your worth.


We don't create abundance.  Abundance is always present.  We create limitations. 



Gaining a natural state of abundance!

'​Jane, to me, is like a magical gardener. She pulls out the weeds in your mind of thoughts that are not serving you, and sows seeds of opposite thoughts that do.  Even if you're someone who is generally positive and familiar with affirmations, she takes it a whole level deeper into unconscious negative thoughts you don't even know you are harbouring that might be sabotaging your life on some level unknown to you, and she puts you back on track. That is magic, and a real gift.'

Jacqueline W.