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'I am 10 years old and I had very bad leg tics and I was upset,  angry and scared when they were happening because I couldn't stop it, and I was angry with my legs.  It happened all day, every day.  I used to be embarrassed in public that people were staring at me.  Jane has done healings for me, and my tics have disappeared and I feel really happy and my mood has changed because my anger has gone away.  Thank you so much Jane.'

Elektra. T

'In the search for a female T3 therapist I came across Jane:  A God blessing.  I just really like her, she is such a sweet woman, human and soul. I feel that I am in very good handswith her with my relationship topic.  I can learn a lot from her and enjoy a wonderful personal development.  I am fascinated how she can fall into the matrix of a person and still be able to make corrections cleanly and efficiently.  She really masters her craft.  It is a blessing for me to work with her and to be coached by her.  I could always recommend her with full conviction.  I would love to visit her personally for a session, but since I live in Switzerland this is probably a dream come true .  But, never say never!  From the heart all the best and thanks a million.'

Selina Z.

'Jane has played an enormous role in my family's lives. We have been on a very difficult, traumatic and devastating journey where my beloved husband battled cancer for 18 months and then lost his courageous battle. I often wonder how I managed to negotiate my way through the fog... I have been seeing Jane regularly throughout this very emotional time and my children too. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough. Whatever it is you may be going through, however enormous the mountain or deep the canyon - with Jane's therapy you WILL get there. Always remember you are not alone. Believe you me, we are all at some stage in our lives facing challenges that we did not sign in for.  Life is energy, and as such, it reaches all, belongs to all and blesses all. Be open, trust and believe and with Jane's incredible healing work you will conquer.'

Viv C.

'Jane is a wonderful compassionate and effective healer.  She is brimming with enthusiasm and passion for her work.  A dear friend of mine recommended Jane to me and described her as getting to the root of the issues and she definitely does!  Jane identifies the exact moments and events that I had often forgotten about, (much less thought that they would still be affecting my experience), then clears them once and for all.  These were a mixture of beliefs and trapped emotions that have been negatively impacting my health, quality of life and view of the world.  Following my sessions with Jane I feel lighter, happier, confident, energised and empowered, with a clearer sense of myself as a result.  I would recommend Jane wholeheartedly, she has completely altered the trajectory of my life for which I will be forever grateful.'

Jane W 

'Jane has worked with my issues and situation for sometime.  I was quite ill and was off from work due to my situation.   I found Jane very easy to talk to, she showed great compassion and warmth when discussing any issue with her.  I have never met anyone like Jane before, she was able to identify where these problem were coming from, and she worked on them in her unique way, achieving changes in areas in my life that needed changing and healing where needed.  I just wish I had known about Jane years ago.  She is a kind compassionate lady with a good heart and does a job that she was made for.' 

Geraldine N.  

I was introduced to Jane by a friend  and she has been life changing.  It feels as if I discovered a secret and everyone should know about it in order to live their best life. I knew that I needed some form of therapy and I did not find conventional therapy productive, especially when I could control the narrative and I needed more than just a listener.  Thankfully, I found Jane and she is truly the best form of healing.  She addresses traumatic events, sometimes events I may have completely forgotten about, and removes the negative emotions caused by this event.  It’s anextremely efficient session for those that may have a hard time opening up and she gets straight to the root of the problem. We have all experienced or inherited some form of trauma, and Jane works through them with patience and sensitivity while giving you the tools to reprogram your subconscious thinking.  My friends and family have noticed a difference and have asked to work with Jane as well.  If you are searching for growth, you should truly consider this form of healing. 

Sarah P.

'Thank you so very much for the session on my daughter. It is incredible! She is so chirpy and feeling so light!  She said she would like to do what you do when she's older on animals, like dolphins so they can be treated and returned to the wild! Thank you so much!'  

Tara P.

'I started working with Jane in April 2019, two individuals from different circumstances had recommended me to see Jane, under which I took it asa sign from the Universe that I needed to see her.  By May 2019,  the transformation happened so rapidly that words cannot encapsulate how truly and exceptionally gifted Jane is in her healing abilities.  I had worked on relationships and love as well as abundance, having worked on those two programmes and in such a short space of time (1 month) my life flipped and now I co-create with the universe thelife I have always dreamt of with ease.  If anyone is a believer of the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that when you are in alignment with who you truly are, everything you could want falls into your lap with ease.  By removing the trapped emotions that were causing my current reality to seem blocked, troublesome and hard.  My life simply just flows with ease, and with a sense of heightened awareness I was able to see situations from an observatory stand point instead of becoming directly involved.  Jane is simply a formidable healer and after years of healing with other healers, Jane is the one and only who not only could I see transformational results within the shortest period of time, but the only one I could genuinely feel the release of old and traumatic emotions be triggered and pulled out.  If you want to see results in a short period of time and see your life transform within the shortest period of time, Jane is the person to see.  I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Jane, I’m so thankful and grateful because I am now living the life I’ve always wanted, and it is all thanks to her. My limiting beliefs and old ‘traumas’ were holding me back.  To taste freedom in the lighter sense and co-create with the universe is a gift and Jane was able to bestow that for me .  Thank you so much Jane!  You are a star and I cannot thank you enough.'

Sinthiya S.

 'I'm very happy with Jane.  I started with her, after a friend of mine gave me the advice to contact her. Working with the Emotion Code was a real discovery, and Jane touched on such old memories that were so deeply installed in my body. I was very tired after. What is amazing is to see how deep you can go, layer after layer, and you can physically feel this dark side of you leaving your body, and I started to physically react in order to get rid of it. Actually, this is the most liberating therapy I have ever tried and it works!!!! Thank you, Jane.' 

Gabriella K.

I’m feeling so at peace and emotional knowing.  Ah jane thank you. He has certainly turned a corner. 

Yesterday he told me “Mum, I feel so different. Good different”.

Gemma F.

 'I had problems getting past my son's death, marriage problems, insecurity a​bout starting two new businesses, holding on to past issues with parents who fought a lot, teenagers who were rebellious, and a host of physical issues. Because of the work that Jane did on me, I have turned things completely around and my businesses are taking off spectacularly. From the bottom of my heart thank you Jane.' 

Peggy M.

See what others have to say about it:

'When I started to see Jane three years ago I was at rock bottom emotionally, mentally, financially and I was overweight. I was taking Prozac everyday and increasing the dosage as it wasn't working for me. Working with Jane who practices The Emotion Code, The Body Code and T3 Therapy, we were able to find and release trapped negative emotions, negative and faulty core beliefs, inherited negative emotions and beliefs, negative conception energy, heal and release all childhood trauma and clear abundance blocks. The positive change in my life has been immense, I no longer need Prozac, I feel joy I never knew was possible, and I am at peace. I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me as I have been lifted out of the emotional and mental darkness I was trapped in since birth. We are very blessed to have Jane working with such an amazing healing modality and I know that through her my life has been saved.' 

Eva T.

 'I had been working with Jane for some months. From the first session I had with her to who I am currently, I have seen an immense shift in myself, my outlook on life and my energy internally and externally. I can't express how grateful I am to be working with her. Don't get me wrong the sessions can be tough but the lightness my soul feels after makes it all worth it. My sense of self continues to strengthen day after day. She is spot on and a blessed woman. I look forward to continue working with her.'

Elaine S. 

 'I am so glad that I asked you to do this for me as I have been incredibly worried about my child with exactly these things over the last few months. I have even had three meetings with the school as I could see his self-esteem slipping backwards but ended up in tears as they just didn’t seem to understand what I was saying. For me my child's self-esteem and sense of self is more important than him being squashed into the box that the school are trying to fit him into. Thank you!' 

Terri B.

'I started seeing Jane in March 2020 by recommendation of a friend.  I focused on the Abundance, Body Code and a couple of Relationship sessions.  During the summer I was going through a very challenging time in my marriage as a result of my husband relapsing during lockdown, and seeing himself into rehab for 3 months, away from me and our 2-year-old.  Anyhow, I cannot thank her more than enough, as to how much she truly helped me on many levels and in many ways!  Jane gave me the strength to get though the tumultuous time, reminded me how much potential I do have and to keep going and that I’ll be ok. The guidance, support and clarity is exactly what I needed, she gave me a space to open up, and heal on another level, not to mention help release these things inside me that have prevented me from fulfilling my full greatness and worthiness!  I have been raving about her to others and think everyone should see her at least a handful of times to really “cleanse your subconscious“.  Even though I have always been a very outgoing/happy go luckily/positive kind of person... I still had things in me I felt we’re blocking my true greatness!  Jane, I forever thank you and can’t wait to see you again soon!'

Ashley S.

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