​​​​Inner Child

Most of our conditioning takes place during early childhood, and it's crucial to acknowledge the hurt and pain that our inner child may have experienced, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Our inner child represents the child-like part of us that holds onto overwhelming feelings from childhood, especially traumatic events that were too painful for us to handle.  As we grow into adulthood, our inner child continues to carry these painful memories and emotions, leading to feelings of helplessness and powerlessness.

To address childhood traumas that affect our ability to function as adults, we use techniques like the Body Code and Three Dimensional Therapy to peel off the layers of the subconscious mind and heal unprocessed pain.   Working on the Inner Child Heart-Walls can be
profoundly transformative, allowing us to remove our inner child altogether when we're ready, leaving only the adult part of us.

 'Jane is an absolute star and I really appreciate all the help she has given me to heal.  After having a couple of sessions with her, I’ve noticed a huge positive difference in myself.  If you’re in two minds about her, I’d definitely recommend you go for it and work with Jane to heal yourself.  You will learn so much about yourself, why you are the way you are and what brought you here.  You won’t regret it, I know I don’t regret it.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made.' 

Afsa A.

Inner Child 

Energetically healing the inner child within!

Do You Have an Inner Child?

Having an inner child can also explain why we react strongly to certain situations.  When we experience big emotional reactions, it's often our inner child telling us that it feels unsafe.  Childhood experiences can leave subconscious wounds that continue to trigger us, but with inner child work, we can identify and heal these wounds, enabling us to move forward and progress in life.  Having an inner child can be why we can get so angry, or emotional about certain things.

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