​​​​Inner Child


Most of our conditioning is done in early childhood and it's important to acknowledge the hurt and pain our Inner Child might have felt consciously or unconsciously.⠀⠀

The inner child is the child-like part of us that takes the overwhelming feelings from childhood, and our inner child holds onto them.   Sometimes traumatic events happen that are too painful and overwhelming for a child. The inner child continues to grow into adulthood, and the inner child within us holds onto the painful feelings and memories.

The inner child believes it is protecting the person by locking the old memories up so that they may continue to grow.  When an event triggers a memory the inner child will overpower the adult, and the adult may in some cases act like a child, acting out of character.  The adult will feel helpless and powerless, just as they did as a child.

We will work specifically on childhood traumas that are affecting your ability to function in everyday adult life.​  Using the Emotion Code and Three Dimensional Therapy,  we can  go through the process of peeling off the layers from subconscious mind which ultimately brings us to the point where you can heal the pain that's still unprocessed.  We can also work on the Inner Child Heart Walls and the effects of doing that are profound and transformative. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 

When the adult is strong enough, the inner child can be removed altogether.  This allows the adult part of us, to be just that - the adult.

Inner Child 

Energetically healing the inner child within!

Do You Have An Inner Child?

Having an inner child can be why we can get so angry, or emotional about certain things.

The reason that we may have a big emotional reaction to something that happens in your life is because it's triggering a lack of safety for our inner child. Whenever we have a big emotional reaction that is usually our inner child trying to tell us it is feeling unsafe.

When we were little, there were certain things that happen to us that were bad, and those things would leave a mark for the rest of our life, or until we bring them to consciousness and heal them.  Until then they are subconscious, and we can get triggered without knowing why we are triggered, and that's when we suddenly get extremely angry, or very upset for what seems like no big deal. We can't control this, as it is an inherent reaction in order to keep us safe. As a child it helped us, but as an adult it hinders our progress.  With inner child work we can figure out what that emotional wound was, when it was created, and then remove it entirely. 

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