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Examples of Beliefs

A negative programme or limiting belief, can make something that seemed small into a core belief.

These beliefs you hold could be something like this:

  • ‘Everything I do is wrong’

  • ‘I am not good enough’

  • ‘Nobody likes me’

  • ‘I wish I did not exist’

These can be changed to a positive vibration, that would fit solely to you such as:

‘Everything I do is wrong’          
Positive replacement example: I am learning to trust myself.

‘I am not good enough’             
Positive replacement example: I understand I am good enough.

‘Nobody likes me’                     
Positive replacement example: I am willing to believe I am loved and accepted
‘I wish I did not exist’    
Positive replacement example: I am joyous and love life!

Three Dimensional Therapy (T3)

Energy psychology, making positive changes to belief systems!​

Using Positive Affirmations 

Positive affirmations are only powerful if they feel safe, and true for our body. So, maybe you've been using them and getting okay results, or not at all. Every thought, feeling, belief and positive affirmation carries a specific energetic vibration. We need to ensure that our energetic body is aligned with the energetic vibration of those affirmations, and using the practice of Three-Dimensional Therapy we can tap into the power of those positive replacements and live them as a truth.  

Our brains are very powerful, and continually try to go find the evidence that the beliefs we have exist, and try to fulfil them.  We relay these to our beliefs and we tell our self, I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, nobody loves me, and our brain finds the evidence that those statements are in fact true, and therefore reinstating the beliefs, and w then tend to get ourselves into a negative cycle. But, when we recreate the statements by removing the old beliefs, and tell ourselves positive affirmations like, I'm smart, I am beautiful, I am loved, our brain then finds the evidence that those statements are in fact true and correct. You will then start to make those brand-new decisions affecting your life, you start to live the life of your dreams.

Three Dimensional Therapy is akin to 'Energy Psychology' as it gets to the root of a negative subconscious beliefs that are effecting and shaping your life.

Three Dimensional Therapy

Three Dimensional Therapy works on your negative beliefs, limiting beliefs and faulty core belief systems, which are effecting your life. This new form of 'energy psychology' gets to the root of the subconscious beliefs creating unwanted feelings in a person's life.

Negative beliefs, behaviours and patterns is something we all have.  These faulty core belief’s exist in the subconscious, and create negative programmes, limiting beliefs, obsessions and sabotage statements.  These can create blocks that keep you stuck and recreate their ‘truth’ because these programmes are all your subconscious knows.

Negative or limiting beliefs may come from experiences in the past, or some of them may have been taught or suggested to you by others.  These experiences create negative programming or beliefs which create your truth, as they are all you know and keep you feeling stuck and repeating old patterns.

​This process is similar to pulling a weed out.  If you break the weed off it grows back.  However, if you get down to the root and pull the weed and roots out, it is gone for good.  It therefore, leaves a hole in the ground to plant a seed of a flower of your choice which can flourish and bloom.  This is just like the subconscious - by finding these deep faulty core belief systems and removing them permanently, we need to get down to the root of the negative programming and beliefs and pull them out energetically.  This enables us to plant positive beliefs to grow and flourish on, therefore allowing you to be free of the pattern or behaviour and lead a more positive, empowering, fulfilling and different life.

'Thanks a lot for our wonderful Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) - session. You found memories that I actually really forgot about.  It was really surprising and relieving on a deep level.  Since then a lot of things have changed for me in a positive way, and I am really looking forward to the next session.'

Carola K.