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Ben has the natural ability to see peoples auras.  As a little boy he used to draw people with their auras and how he saw them.  He has nurtured this ability of his. 

An aura is our electromagnetic field that surrounds our body and is associated with our energy field.

Having your aura read is basically a 'vibe check'. 

Every aura color means something different.

Your aura can also change as you heal and continue through life.

Contact me directly if you would like Ben to read your aura!

Other Energy Modalities

I can personally  share with you and suggest.​​

Drawing how he sees the auras!

My name is Eva, I qualified as a Reiki Master 4 years ago,  focusing on distance Reiki healing sessions for adults, children and animals.

Reiki channels life force energy, stimulating the body's own healing abilities relieving pain, stress, anxiety and depression thereby restoring the balance of the body. 

For more information and bookings, please contact me on

+(44) 07948308294 or eva.tselentis@gmail.com