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Neem - For treating fungal and  mould pathogens.  Great for helping sugar cravings! 


On a couple of things I can personally  share with you and suggest.​​

Atlas of the Heart  - Brené is great explaining more about emotions and the research going on around them. 

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Olive Leaf Extract  - This is great for treating viral and bacterial pathogens.  A staple in our home for treating colds and flu's quickly.  Like a natural antibiotic!

The  Universe Has Your Back - I personally love this book.  It is so positive and a great reminder of how supported we  are with lots of tips and tricks.

Magic Words - The power of positive thinking and how it can change and influence your daily life. 

Past Life - I also use these cards often! Great for when you wanting to understand a past life and a situation in your present life.  They really can give you a better understanding of what may be going on.   

Oregano Oil - A great remedy to help the body fight against viruses and bacterial infections. 

The Big Leap  - A great book showing us the different ways we self-sabotage and hold ourselves back. I recommend this one a lot!

Many Lives Many Masters - This book is great, in explaining  how if we work on clearing our past lives it can make such a difference in our present life. 

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Juice + Complete Shakes  - I make a smoothie everyday from these.  They are vegan, plant based, gluten free and delicious. 

Wisdom of Oracle - Such beautiful cards, I use these ones so often! Each card relates to either The Oracle's message, a relationship message, prosperity message or a protection message. 

The Emotion Code  - The book that literally changed my life! I live it and practice it! Have a look also at the course, if you are interested in it .

Colloidal Silver - Always good to have this one as a staple at home. Helps fight bacterial infections, viruses, colds/flu and sore throats. 

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Juice + Vitamins and Omegas  - These are a daily staple in our home for the whole family.  Nutrition from 9 x berries, 9 x vegetables, 10 x fruits and Omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

* Disclaimer:  Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Please read the label and use only as directed

Ashwangandha - Helps with stress and anxiety.