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We all have natural, ideal and healthy body weight that we should be.  However, imbalances in the subconscious or in the physical body may be causing us to gain excess unwanted weight.  

These subconscious blocks may cause us to binge eat, have low self-esteem, self-sabotage or may have been passed down from generations before us.  These blocks may be holding you back from reaching your ideal body weight.  We learn very early on in life to eat our feelings, in order to push our emotions down with food. The stomach is the seat of our emotions, and most feelings start in the stomach such as anxiety, worry and low self-esteem.

Using the Body Code with the weight management programme, we will work on finding and releasing any imbalances or emotions that are keeping you from achieving your ideal body weight. 

During this in-depth session I will identify subconscious beliefs that are creating blocks and sabotages around excess weight, as well as any hormonal or physical issues.  We will utilise this detailed programme to work with a focused intent, to remove and improve issues that were initially identified during your evaluation process.

We will work together, to release any blocks that stop you reaching the goal you so desire, and create the right energetic conditions for your body to work for you. 


This signature programme empowers you with the tools you need to live a happy, healthy and balanced life. 

Weight Management Programme 

Energetically rebalancing the body to release excess weight!

This programme is helping change lives

By clearing blocks to get you to your ideal weight.

Identifying and correcting beliefs, emotions and physical imbalances to allow the body to naturally release excess weight.